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Types of Sourcing Companies in China

China becomes the technology and manufacturing hub in the world. Many top countries were also outsourcing their product development and manufacturing with the China because of its quality cheap and best services. So, who wants to procure the products from China needs sourcing services that are offered by the several companies within an affordable price. When comes to the global sourcing, it is very important for the trade and commerce and China plays a vital role in the trading and commerce as it is the good producer of quality products at best prices. The importers must know about the different types of sourcing companies in China while they decided for sourcing in China.

China agent for sourcing

China agent for sourcing

There are three types of China sourcing companies

  • Commissioned agent sourcing
  • Sourcing with the trading company
  • Services provided by the third party

Commissioned agent

The agent will, helps you for the sourcing of your product in China by taking some five percent to ten percent charge from the buyers. They generally have more money with factories than from the importers. This type of sourcing companies defends with the suppliers when anything goes wrong. The hiring of a efficient sourcing agent is very important to track your orders.

Sourcing services with trading companies

The trading company is one of the types of sourcing companies which can accepts the small orders and handle it in every aspect by working with the different factories. They generally take margin on the Factory prices that are provided.

Third party Service provider

They generally take some fee from the customers those are approached which is a fixed one without any change depending on order. It is very cost effective service and very good for the middle sized businesses.