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Why choose our business: China2West Group core services and critical success factors

By Jesus David Cano Romano
July 7, 2017

 Whether you are looking to produce in China and export overseas, C2W services represent the solution to all your problems!

Our primary focus is, in fact, not only to encourage foreign businesses to supply in China but also to provide high standards of quality assurance/control throughout all stages of the supply chain.

Unfortunately sometimes it can happen that macro-environmental factors, might expose the business to potential risks and discouraged foreign companies to expand their domain. It is in this regards, that C2W provides general consultancy services in order to enable a “mutual trust relationship” between the company and new potential clients.

Choosing our company, foreign business won’t feel anymore alone in their operations but they will be supported in every steps of their business life-cycle (from the initial planning phase to the logistics).

And yet, for projects that need further development C2W will provide a comprehensive Route to Market Plan (RTMP) outlining which are the characteristics to develop /prototype the product and the associated costs. Our company, will support you to give form to your ideas!

Which are the key success factors of our company then?

  • Firstly, the lower costs compared to Western design house. Although the Chinese labour cost was much more cheaper in the past than today’s days, the improvements in logistics, the high-tech infrastructures and networking system, the variety of available resources and manufactory, the high standard of sanity and healthcare assistance, are all features that have forced foreign businesses to choose China as place to supply and/or produce their goods and services.


  • Secondly, an excellent capacity of understanding which are the needs of Chinese local factories. This is also due to the variety workforce within the business, with talented Chinese employees at both junior and senior level. In this way, we are at the same time able to overcome further problems related to linguistical barrier that without the presence of Chinese employees may enormously arise. Diversity of age, cultures, backgrounds within the company’s employees are likely to provide a richer source of information, ideas, point of views.