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Working Together with a China Manufacturing Company – Facts You Should Be Aware About

By Jesus David Cano Romano
June 29, 2016
China manufacturing company

The manufacturing industry in China has witnessed astonishing development over the last three decades and presently ranks at the top due to the obvious comparative advantages it has over other nations. Manufacturing is the anchor industry for the national economy of China and serves as the dominant sector for commercial transactions and consequent economic growth.

Businesses from around the world are working with China manufacturing companies to bring in efficiency and scale to their operations. However, there are certain aspects that one should keep in mind while scouting and before selecting a Chinese manufacturer. Here’s a look at them:



  • There are companies that cater to all sorts of businesses – from smaller start-ups to large multinationals. Knowing what type of businesses they work with is crucial before a partnership pact can be inked. Talk to the company and get the facts right before you plan a factory visit
  • The China manufacturing company is now competing globally in component design and manufacturing. They offer expertise across all industries and all level of technologies. As such knowing what level of expertise you need is important. For instance, you may need only a company with surface mount technology expertise or one with both this semiconductor design expertise as well as network hardware proficiency
  • The China manufacturing company stands out due to its large cadre of skilled and disciplined workforce. The companies have people with different capabilities. The firm that you choose may have a younger workforce that will enthusiastically work for you, or you may prefer a business with experienced employees who have more expertise. Keep the nature of the product in mind while short-listing your candidates. Simple products can be manufactured by anyone, but complex components need a certain skill level in the workers
  • The China manufacturing company on an average produces 10 times more products than one in another country. These include air conditioners, personal computers, mobile phones, cement, machine parts, and many more. Go with these companies if you need a bigger scale of production at a fraction of the cost



China’s policymakers are trying to rebalance the economy to one driven by consumption rather than exports. This is said to be taking a toll on the country’s industrial sectors. However, China’s manufacturing sector is still enormous and highly proficient. Companies around the world can take advantage of this and collaborate with a Chinese manufacturing company to grow their business.