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Zhuhai – the Ideal City for Outsourcing Manufacturing

By Conor Kelly
July 19, 2017
manufacturing in China: Jinhua

The first great reason to source to Zhuhai is due to the economic resilience it clearly offers with 42 of the top 500 companies worldwide investing in Zhuhai. Despite China’s recent economic stagnation in 2014, Zhuhai still managed to attract an enormous $3.06 billion of European investment. The city’s development blueprint forecasts that the value of output for the equipment manufacturing industry will reach around 750 billion yuan by 2025 according to China Daily.

Secondly, Zhuhai has a truly outstanding location. The city is strategically situated near Macau, Shenzhen and Hong Kong making it a perfect place for trade and investment, ideal for western companies looking for a destination to manufacture in. The largest overseas bridge in the world, which has seen a total investment of $2.31 billion according to the official HZMB website, is due to open this year and has been constructed to build upon the sustainable economic development of the surrounding locations. Zhuhai is also within the Pearl River Delta which holds 110 million people making it the largest urban metropolis in the world. This offers a vast array of consumers for any business looking to benefit from the large population along with the destination’s other benefits. Being in a special economic zone offers a superb incentive to invest in Zhuhai due to its low costs. This has helped attract direct foreign investment into Zhuhai accounting for almost $13 billion from 70 countries according to China briefing. And last but not least the city offers a beautiful beach and tropical climate making it a stunning all round city in China. There is a reason why it has been voted ‘the most liveable urban city’ in China three times running boasting more than just business related benefits. 

Another great reason to source to Zhuhai is due to its support from the best university in China. Zhuhai’s impressive partnership developed with Tsinghua University of Beijing has led to the creation of Tsinghua Science Park, which offers access to the university’s research and potential private equity funding, helping hundreds of new businesses. This will also develop a skilled workforce at very low comparative costs along with the access to skilled workforce generally in the area with the province of Guangdong boasting 100s of universities.<