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Archive for November 2018

Knowing The Importance Of Quality Manufacturing Services

If you are planning to set up a manufacturing unit, the one significant piece of advice that you must have received is about maintaining the highest quality. Much has been said about the important role played by quality manufacturing services in establishing the goodwill of a business. However, you might not find much information about…

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China Sourcing Agents: Things to Know About Them

Sourcing in China has become a rage in recent times and a number of people are trying their luck in the market there. Where some people are fortunate enough to be circumspect about the hi-lows of dealing with the China sourcing agents, others, being naïve, start transactions without knowing the structure and position of the…

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An advanced guide in finding out reliable sourcing agent in China

A role of sourcing agent cannot be overlooked. Many companies that have business ties with China seek reliable sourcing agent to ensure that their supply chain functions smoothly without any transactional errors. If you too are looking for a reliable sourcing agent to strengthen your work in China, here are some tips to help you:

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