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5 Important Things About Quality Control Inspection Services

If you are importing or manufacturing products form China, it is a good idea to hire quality control inspection services to support your business. As a matter of fact, these are independent quality control specialists who can verify the quality of the products you are importing or being manufactured by overseeing the production process, conducting their testing, and looking into the manufacturer or supplier on your behalf. Therefore, their services can be valuable when you cannot come to China to oversee production yourself.

However, hiring quality control inspection services may be daunting, as many companies are claiming to specialize in it. Be sure to look at these factors so you can make an informed decision to hire the best service provider who has your best interests:

1. English language proficiency

Can the company providing quality control inspection services in China communicate in your language? In this case, you don’t want to worry about any misunderstanding in translation. They should also have a good command of the Chinese language so they can easily communicate with your preferred manufacturer or supplier.

2. Versatility

Please verify that the inspection teams are experienced in every manufacturing sector to prove their versatility in working with any specification or requirement from you. In case you already found a supplier, you should still be able to count on them to oversee some, if not all, production stages on your behalf. Beause they should be able to adjust to your timings and your purchasing flow of goods.

3. The services

It’s better to know more about the quality control inspection services they can provide for you. Consider a reliable company with pre-product inspection, in-process quality control, and container loading.

4. Inspection standards

Check the standards that they follow when conducting inspections. Make sure it includes ISO 2859-1, a recognized international QC standard for routine product inspections. 

5. Coverage area

Reputable quality control inspection services operate in China’s major industrialized coastal zones.