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China Manufacturing Growth Statistics

China is the one of most populated country in the world which laid its steps towards the success in step by step in manufacturing industry. The low cost of labour and the better quality of products with low investment makes the China in a most preferable list of manufacturing process. Many marketers prefer the China manufacturing for their products to grow in the business. China is the center for the world business commerce. China’s manufacturing Industry has a reported a regular 9.6% increase in the growth rate year to year. This is the mark of the China’s good growth in the manufacturing sector. Many state holding and commercialized enterprises have greatly increasing in the manufacturing growth in China By taking the small and heavy industries, it is reported as small industries growth has increased 12.2 percent than before statists and the heavy industries growth rate is noted as 13.4 percent tremendous increase is noted within a year in the China’s manufacturing statistical data through reports.


But, in 2014 it is surveyed and reported as it is declining in the manufacturing industry growth. The declination of the growth in manufacturing industry is due to the low domestic demands on the Chinese products and the national bureau of statistics in China have released the statistics as 50.12 in the previous month and 50.31 in November 2014.They have tracked the reasons and the activities in the factories as well as in several workshops too. But, many marketers and Chinese intellectuals believe that China will soon note a tremendous growth by improving its capability in the manufacturing industrial growth back again.