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China Manufacturing Industry Statistics

Many of us know China to be the world’s most populated country but little is known about its manufacturing sector that has had staggering growths ever since China became noticed as the world’s largest manufacturer for various products. The tag ‘Made in China’ is one of the most used and prevalent phrases heard in households and also in the biggest of factories. If this doesn’t suffice, here are some real facts.

  • Of the total number of air-conditioners manufactured around the world, China produces a staggering 80%. That is, for every 1000 people, China produces 81.1 air conditioners while the rest of the world produces only 4.8 air conditioners. Hence the total number of production units account to 109 million.
  • China also produces over 320 million PC units which again is 90.6% of the total units produced in the world.
  • Coming to the energy saving lamps, China again produces close to 80% of the whole which now amounts to 4.3 billion units.
  • China produces close to 21.8 gigawatts of solar cells in its entirety which again is about 74% of the entire world’s production.
  • Coming to lesser important products which are shoes. China makes approximately 12.6 billion pairs of shoes which is a mammoth 63% of the world’s shoes.
  • In the telecom industry, China is neither far behind. With an estimated 70.6% of the world’s units that translates to about 1.1 billion units.

Additionally, with 1.8 billion tons of cement production, 76.6 million metric tons of shipbuilding capacity and 1.8 billion tons of coal production, China is the one country that has single-handedly managed the manufacture of some of the world’s most important and choicest products. It has become one of the United States’ primary trading partners in manufacturing goods. This would not be possible without the help of its massive workforce that spans over 112 million.