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China Wholesale Suppliers – Get Raw Material in Bulk Mode

China wholesale suppliers have the potential to supply raw materials in bulk for varying industrial production and manufacturing processes. Just like labor cost, raw material costs are also quite cheap in China. This is primarily due to two basic reasons: –

  1. All raw materials in China are produced within the country. None of the component or ingredients of the raw materials are imported from any other country.
  2. Since raw materials from the country are in great demand throughout the world, China wholesale suppliers keep the pricing low.

The other important point to note here is that China has no export taxes that also help in keeping the prices reasonable and affordable. Also, China wholesale suppliers can produce the raw materials in bulk, thereby decreasing their production costs and in turn pushing down the selling prices of the raw materials too.

Today most western countries of the world buy raw materials in bulk from the non-western countries, and China tops the list. Here are some facts and figures: –

  • 70% of critical raw materials are supplied by China to the world;
  • Some of the critical raw materials produced in China include Antimony, Gallium, Magnesium, Natural graphite, Tungsten, etc.
  • China is also a major supplier of Cobalt in the world.

The fact that China is one of the preferred destination for outsourcing manufacturing processes globally is driven by two major facts – one, Chinese labor is thoroughly experienced but is way too cheap compared to the labor costs in your home country; and second, bulk supply of raw materials helps in keeping production costs really low. Hence, even if you plan to have your production unit in your own home country, it makes perfect business sense to procure the raw materials in bulk from China wholesale suppliers.

In order to procure authentic raw materials, it is essential to pick the right suppliers for your raw material. Since the final product is completely dependent upon the quality of the raw materials, procuring raw products from the right China wholesale suppliers is highly critical. Buying raw materials from reputed and trustworthy suppliers can also form the foundation for a strong working relationship for the future.