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Corporate Social Responsibility

C2W is very active in the local community, in charitable works and fund raising. We only work with 100% transparent organizations and organize charity events in China ourselves including an Annual Charity Music called Come Together, organised with other local companies that raises over USD$50,000 each year for orphans and underprivileged local school children to help with education related fees and for autism related care and training services for children living with developmental and learning conditions in the region. We do this via an NGO we formed together called The CTC (the Come Together Community) that is based out of the C2W HQ in Zhuhai.

In 2018 the 3 Directors embarked on the challenge of a lifetime to hike up 3 of the highest mountains in SE Asia in only 1 week. A total altitude of 35,000 ft in 3 different countries and in the process raised over $15,000 for lung cancer research. #3peaks1week

2019 China Social Impact Award Winners


C2W and the CTC are incredibly proud to be the announced the winners of the 2019 China Social Impact Awards organised by the British Chamber of Commerce China in association with the United Nations China.

C2W and the CTC won in the MNC category for Community & Culture. This award is given to the company that demonstrates the best work towards the following 3 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:



C2W was presented the award for our work on a charitable project called the CTC, the Come Together Community.  The award recognises not just C2W's participation in the charity but the entire community and all stakeholders. The CTC is a local NGO opened and run in partnership with other foreign companies and stakeholders in Zhuhai, South China that each year since 2011 organises and brings together 1500+ people of all backgrounds and cultures in the community to enjoy music at South China’s largest charity music festival Come Together to raise money transparently for underprivileged children and those living with learning and developmental conditions in the region.

The CTC is based out of C2W’s office, our staff run the financial, tax and administration of the NGO and many volunteer for management and other roles during the festival, year on year, with no salary or benefits.

C2W Group CFO Mark Clayton, Founding Board Member of the CTC and Head of C2W’s Social Responsibility efforts was in Beijing for the Gala Awards Ceremony on Thursday 7th November 2019. Mark didn’t expect the win considering the quality of other finalists and dedicated the award to the entire team and wider community saying, “What an amazing achievement, people always say they’re surprised to win but I genuinely was, no speech prepared or anything. The award recognises the amazing work done by C2W employees, CTC partners and the wider community. I could not be more proud of everyone involved with the CTC project. Wow, it’s incredible.”

The CTC is accepting corporate donations for this year’s 8th Annual Charity Music Festival, to be held in Zhuhai on Saturday December 7th, 100% of earnings are used in the local community to aid Children in Need as nobody takes any salary or admin fees. If you’re interested in donating or helping out in any way please contact info@ctcommunity.org or charity@china2west.com.

Mark finished his acceptance speech by saying, “I stand before you a humbled man, when I look at the other finalists I didn’t think that what we do was big enough or worthy of winning this incredible award, but I guess that’s what this is all about, giving back and helping in any way we can, so we should all give back and help people, always and wherever we can.”

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