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Extensive Factory Audits in China

Legitimacy is a major concern here in China; C2W complete our own standard SVCL (Supplier Verification Checklist) with all of our suppliers before commencing work as well as legally binding production contracts with penalty clauses for late delivery or failed QC for all stages. All documents will be authorized/signed by the factory owner and cross referenced against the owners ID, signature and official company chop (stamp). The stamp is binding in China but it must be the official company brand to hold any legal merit. Warning bells should go off if any factory is less than willing to provide any of this documentation.

  • Current Product Range
  • Major Market and Major Clients
  • Manpower

An important requirement often over looked is the factories ability to draw in extra man power when urgent orders or rework are required and a tight deadline applies.

  • Production Capability
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Management and Quality Procedures
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • In-house Quality Control, Testing and Inspection
  • Raw Material Management
  • Semi-finished and Finished Product Management (Shop floor and general inventory handling processes)

For information regarding all of our auditing options, audit standards, pricing and to see examples of previous reports please get in touch with us.