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How to find your newest Private Label Product manufacturer

This blog will discuss what a private label product is, how to find your newest private label product manufacturer and why China 2 West is the best choice.

What is a Private label product

A private label product is a product that is made for a company by a third-party manufacturer but is retailed under the retailer’s brand name.  That third-party manufacturer would be China 2 west and we would work flexibly to suit your specific requirements.

What does a good third-part manufacturer look like?


It is important to product expert quality products when starting a private label product. The last thing you want when retailing a brand-new product is to be providing a product that isn’t done correctly. With such competition in the market, it is important that consumers chose you and stay loyal to your brand. After all, consumers love good quality products made by specialists in that area. China 2 West has 14 years of China based operational and manufacturing experience. By partnering with us and implementing our solutions, you can make your product become more competitive.

Product quality is a competitive marker for brands that affects purchasing decisions and profitability for in private label manufacturers. It’s very hard to find new customers all the time. If you can retain previous customers through product quality, you will be able to increase your average customer’s lifetime value. In order to keep product staying in the high quality, it’s advisable to get samples of the private label product made. In this way, you can test the products before they go to market.You can even visit the factory to oversee the production process before committing to a manufacturer. China 2 West offers 24/7 live video. So that the client have access to production zones online.

Reliable delivery
Before committing to a manufacturer, ask them about delivery times. Any delays in getting your private label product to your store will result in lost sales and unhappy customers. China 2 West can ensure consistent and safe delivery of your products.

Few examples

China 2 West are experts in a diverse area of production. Just a few examples of these include:

  1. Fitness products
  2. Stamping
  3. Electronics
  4. Printing and packaging