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Internship in China- Ryan Baker



Key information at a glance:


Name: Ryan Baker


Country of origin: England


Internship Position: Marketing


Internship Duration: 1 month


Who I am:

My name is Ryan Baker and I am currently studying International Business at the University of Chester in the North West of England.  I have never been to China but have always had an interest in learning Mandarin after studying a module at University. Having some basic knowledge of the language of one of the world’s biggest economies was the reason I chose to study International Business in the first place. So when the opportunity arrived I thought Zhuhai would be the best place to complete my mandatory 5 week work experience.

I really appreciate being able to complete this internship and having the opportunity to live and work in China. It’s definitely something anyone studying a degree with the word international in the title should consider. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer.

What I learned during my internship:

I had a 5 week internship at China2West with the marketing department. Hearing that a previous intern had helped build the marketing department; and now runs it, was inspirational to me. My main roles consisted of helping in the maintenance of the Social Media profiles, creating shareable content to spread both the brand and their content in formats such as blogs, and drive, track and measure relevant traffic leads from the social media platforms. I learned how to use software’s such as Adobe Illustrator.

What makes China 2 West special for me:

China 2 West is a western owned business with a hugely diverse workforce. Working with a mix of Chinese and foreign employees helped me learn new things about a variety of cultures. Despite only being there for a short time you can tell that everyone is good at what they do, all employees are valued, and all employees want to be there thriving off the continuous learning cycle that C2W has to offer.

Why Zhuhai’s a great spot:

Zhuhai is without a doubt one of the most livable cities in China. During my time in China I was able to visit, Macau, Hong Kong and Guangzhou; and Zhuhai was by far my favorite. I mean where else can you go to the beach on your lunch break! It’s picturesque, clean and has a community feel yet despite all this the language barrier doesn’t seem a problem.

Favorite Quote:

“My only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer.”