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Product Development in China – Services That Must be Included

For quite some years now, China has achieved global prominence as the manufacturer of quality products. Today, China is the world’s largest producer of manufactured goods of all types. Day-by-day, the people opting for product development in China is on the increase. Each company in China specializes in different types as well as methods of production. These factories are also highly skilled in reproducing the physical samples of the existing products, they can also develop a new concept based on their own blueprints and they can even develop products based on the specifications received from the clients. At this age, when time is precious, the importers don’t want to waste their time in pre-production, but at the same time want their design to be flawless and the products are made perfectly and correctly especially when they have to be manufactured in bulk. The product development in China is of following three types:

  • First of all, the factory that copies the existing product designs and manufactures the exact product. This will be done either the buyer giving the sample product or selecting a product from the factory’s showroom. The buyers might also ask for minor changes to be done and also want the labeling, logo inclusion, and packaging.
  • The second type will want the product as per their blueprint and drawings and will provide clear specifications and the expected functions.
  • The third type of companies will be innovative on their own and they will provide the product design as well as development services. These companies/factories will have their own engineer who will provide the client with the product ideas that will satisfy their needs. Mostly, all those buyers who look for new and innovative products will opt for their services.

Apart from the above, the product development in China will also provide services like pre-production inspections, factory audits, verifications, social audits, quality checks, In-Process QC inspections, first article inspection, in-production quality control, defect sorting services, pre-shipment inspection, and container loading inspections.

Because of all of the above, product development China becomes a great idea for the suppliers from the US and the European countries.