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Analysis – Promotional Products

How to Use Promotional Products from China Effectively?

Sourcing promotional products from China is no piece of cake, especially for those who are new in the market and may not have enough knowledge and experience in dealing with Chinese suppliers. How do you ensure effective sourcing? Below are some checkpoints to remember as you go through the quoting and product acquisition process:

  • Never assume – Too many first-time buyers make the mistake of assuming that suppliers know how to package items for promotion, only to find their raw products crammed in a box upon shipping. The key is to never assume that the factory knows to pack the item for the purpose and to iron out the details of your order even before production. It would help to have a single point of contact that can keep communication between you and your supplier clearer.

  • Specify – Unless you tell the supplier what level of quality you expect for your promotional product from China, they are likely to quote the lowest material cost possible. Inform them of your quality and budget expectations and they will be more than willing to provide you with the rightful quote for the type of product in the class and level of quality you expect.

  • Clarify – Make sure that the supplier understands the key purpose of the product. Tell them whether you need to emphasize branding and if the item is intended for a lifetime or short-term use. Make it clear that you are targeting a specific type of audience. Assuming that your supplier knows these things without clarifying them is shooting yourself in the foot because these things aren’t by default. Take time to clarify the key points of the job to make sure that you are getting the product you expect.

  • Verify – Tell your supplier how you intend the product to be distributed to your end user. This is important to avoid cheap, standard packing, especially when sourcing high-end products.