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Sourcing Agent China – Connect with the Best Suppliers

Deciding to involve a reliable Sourcing Agent in China is one of the best ways to work with Chinese factories and suppliers. These sourcing agents or procurement agents or third-party providers are based in China and act as an extension of your business entity when they speak and handle Chinese manufacturers. If, as a foreign buyer, you are frowning on this idea and thinking that this will only add up to your costs, here are few reasons why this is a more viable option than going all out and working directly with Chinese sellers.

Understands Your Precise Requirement

  1. Assists in finding the right suppliers for your business.Choosing a manufacturer or a reliable sourcing agent in China is not easy especially if you are looking at the long-term. You need a reliable quality seller at the best prices. Even if the internet can help you to a certain extent, contracting with a supplier only on the basis of the emails and phone calls is definitely not the way for growth and success.
  2. When you hire a sourcing agent in China, the agent first understands your precise requirement. Then the agent works collaboratively with you to do research and then find the best match for your requirement. He will also negotiate a win-win deal for you, keeping your best interests in mind.

Keep Following Up

  1. Now, once the order has been placed and the contract signed; the sourcing agent in China will act as an intermediary between you and the supplier.
  2. So, the agent will keep you updated on all aspects. It includes the progress that from conversing in the local language to following up on the production schedules. Also he will keep in regular contact with the supplier. This will not only help you save time, energy and money; it will also give you ample time to focus on your other core areas of work.

Quality Control

  1. Quality assurance and control are two other important areas where the sourcing agent in China will help.
  2. Hiring your own QC team or working with third party quality auditors has its own limitation. However, the sourcing agent will act on your behalf. He will ensure that all kinds of audits are done during production and before shipping. So the shipment that reaches you is thoroughly tested and matches up to the required standards.
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