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Role of Professional Sourcing Agents in China for Your Business

Professional Sourcing Agents in China work as an intermediary between Chinese suppliers and international buyers. They play a crucial role in the entire buyer-supplier model, especially in a country like China where there are thousands of suppliers available and ready to work and where product quality and meeting international standards are usually under fire. Professional sourcing agents in China help in the following ways:

1. On your behalf to get you good quality Chinese suppliers and manufacturers

Sourcing agents in China act on your behalf to get you good quality Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. This is one of the most crucial steps in your business. As an international buyer who is not conversant with the local language or who is not well-aware of the local business customs, etiquettes and dealings, it is good to first hire a sourcing agent who has a proven track record in your industry.

2. Visit factories of the manufacturer

These agents are third party service providers. They could be an organization, an individual or a group of individuals who are based in China. Hence, they are able to visit factories of the manufacturer or the go-down of the wholesaler as you need. They will check for quality control, inspect the production processes and carry out audits on your behalf. The quality of products is always under scrutiny and uncertainty in China. Sourcing agents in China work as an extended arm of the buyer. They are able to ensure that products being manufactured and shipped against the buyer’s order is of the highest quality and meets the desired specifications.

3. Negotiating with the supplier or the manufacturer

Other than these two important aspects of sourcing agents in China, they also help with many other things. They help negotiating with the supplier or the manufacturer. And they help with drafting and finalizing agreements and deals, manage the supply chain and also assist with documentation pertaining to shipping of products. From the beginning till the end – that is, from searching for the best manufacturer to ensuring that superior quality products are shipped out of China, they will work as if they are a part of your organization with your best interest in mind.

But there is no dearth of sourcing agents in China who claim to be professional and qualified. So, it is important that foreign buyers scrutinize and assess the profile of the agents well before choosing to go ahead with a particular one.