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Services That a Chinese Manufacturing Company Must Provide

Of late, many US businesses go for Chinese Manufacturing Company services for their product development. The reasons for the same are low cost of raw materials, cheap labor, fast production, and timely delivery. Some of the agents offer by these Chinese manufacturing company services are as follows:

Basic Sourcing & Engagement Fee:  

These are suitable for those customers who want an off the shelf product. Based on their product brief, the executives will look through their comprehensive database of approved suppliers and also check the B2B sourcing sites and Chinese search engines. With their experience, they are sure to provide the US businesses with at least three suitable and legitimate suppliers for any product required by their client. This process takes around 5-10 days.

Supplier Sourcing Process Plan (SSPP):

This service package will suit those customers who go for more demanding or high volume /value projects which come with zero risk. For such projects, it is ideal to select a good supplier as these project involves millions of $ of investment. Hence, the selection of a correct supplier is essential right from the beginning to save money and time. The SSPP will include a comprehensive document detailing each stage of sourcing and validation process. They will also do an office based research and supplier verification and will also do a physical audit of the shortlisted supplier. The main aim is to carefully and diligently select the right supplier.

Quotation Process Plan (QPP):

The main aim of this plan is to quote the manufactured price of an OEM (custom) product before starting the development work. This will involve some initial research, meeting within the R&D team, might require basic drawings and specifications. The quote provided is nothing but the estimate and the main intention is to be as accurate as possible. So in this way, the next course of action for the project can be planned. This takes around 5-7 days.

Route to Market Plan (RTMP): 

This will be a document consisting of 15-20 pages explaining the different stages right from the beginning of the product development till it reaches the market.  Each and every project will be different and involves different stages of development so that you will have a RTMP customized for your project. Sometimes it is difficult to estimate the cost at the latter stages and the quote cannot be provided accurately. This plan takes about 7-10 days.

Now, you have seen some of the services offered by the China Manufacturing Companya and you can select any of the plans above for developing your product.