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Shenzhen, Manufacturing Hub Of China

Shenzhen was located in the southern region of China which is marked for the technology. The city is well known as a manufacturing hub in China. There are some thousands of factories that are manufacturing and designing the various tech components. When you go inside the Shenzhen market of Huaqiangbei, in every corner you can find a company selling some goods and packaging the parcels to the other places. You may wonder seeing the place which represents more than a silicon valley of California. Here the hardware startups are manufactured at low cost and reliable. They manufacture and deliver during Christmas season on online sites like Amazon.

The city was developed just thirty years ago and before that there is no tech components, building and all, there is just a long coast and fishing towns were located in the city of Shenzhen. During the year of 1979 the city was considered as a economical zone and get surrounded with 85 miles. Many investors and workers had built and very soon the city was flooded with more than 3 million people. The city manufactures the copydesign of iPhones and other electronic gadgets that are similar to real gadgets. This was shocked the world by seeing such an affordable gadgets with all features.

China used to conduct the Maker faire, which is a great platform for the hardware makers. They can make real time conversations with the manufacturers. Even the top companies like Intel, foxconn, etc, were also participates in the faire with the theme of “Innovate with China”. It was takes place around every year during last week of April