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Vendor Management in China

Vendor Management services are very important if you are going with a manufacturing in China to develop your product. Many development companies like China2West offer a better vendor management services for the consumers. The supplier provides finished product by operating the procurement. They assemble the parts and it may not require you to manage. The process will be easy as you deal with only single company but, you may lose the control over the supply chain of the materials as many manufacturers didn’t accept to access the own supplier with the client.

The Vendor Management is carried after the completion of the strategic sourcing which performs to identify the suppliers. The Vendor Management performs in the supply chain management phase. It is implemented during the imports and exports managing services. Services are included with the logistics, management of PO, project management along with the complete coordination to the client in every vertical of the process that is carried.

The company like China2West also provides the on-going coordination between the client and the supplier to ensure the delivery of the ordered products. The management of the documents also supported by the service providers and they also arrange some third party inspections for the clients to ensure better quality.


  • Ensures PO requirements by understanding it completely
  • Project reporting scheduled in the local language with supplier
  • Reporting in client preferred language
  • Sample coordinating
  • Quality reviewing
  • Independent lab testing organization
  • Consultation and coordination of the licensing and customs clearance in China.
  • Logistics support