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Wholesale Suppliers in China – 5 Warning Signs That a Wholesale Supplier Is Probably Fake

Though US businesses are moving towards China for their product manufacturing because of many beneficial factors, it is also important that they ensure that they are not fake. This is especially to be checked when they go for wholesale suppliers China. Though many have found it worth to go for wholesaler, but you have to do extensive research to find reputable and reliable wholesale suppliers. Some of the factors to be considered when you hire wholesale suppliers China are given below for your ready reference.

No specific address and contact information:

You should check whether you can contact them over the phone easily. If not, it becomes obvious that they are a scam. The wholesalers who can be contacted very easily are the ones who are reputable as communication is vital for their business. You should be able to find their addresses, email ids and telephone number from their website.

No references, reviews or feedback:

You have to check the wholesale for the years of business and ask for references. The wholesalers who are reputable will be able to provide you with the references and feedbacks from their previous as well as existing clients. If you cannot verify or authenticate these references and feedbacks, then you should not hire their services.

Do not allow product returns: 

In case of any defect in the product you order, the wholesaler should accept the returns. You should keep away from the suppliers who do not accept returns as they are fake.

Cannot comply with changes in orders: 

Some of the wholesalers available online might be middlemen. This you can find out from not getting the lowest price from them and at the same time they cannot accept any change in the order. Hence, do not go for them.

Check the Copyright updation in the website:  

The simple way of finding whether the wholesaler is by checking for the copyright on their website. Either there will not be any copyright or they might not have been updated. From this, you can identify how out-dated and fake they are.

From the above factors, you can find out about the wholesale suppliers China as to their reputation. Based on that, you can hire their services.