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China Lab Testing and Certification

China is the leading manufacturer in the world today. It was well developed and supplying different types of IT products that are manufactured in China to the other countries. The main factor that influence the Chinese growth is quality and quantity at best price because of low labour costs in the manufacturing industries. But, if you are approaching the China for your outsourcing manufacturing of your products, then the lab testing is very much required and highly essential to get your product certified after manufacturing in China. So, many companies like China2west were offering different services for the testing of product and certifications.

Testing and Certification of Products

The China2West offers various services that will definitely fits on with your business needs which helps you get your products market efficiently. There are different levels of testing a product and certification process. So, the company will take care of your business needs and service you.

Options for the Certification Services by the China2West

  • Model certification procedure
  • Testing witness
  • Certification under supervision
  • Certification based on the category
  • Certifications based on the field evaluations

Testing Services

  • Mechanical testing
  • Food testing
  • Component and testing of raw materials
  • Risk assessments
  • Packaging evaluations
  • Flammability testing services and many more.