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Our service packages

At C2W we offer standardised sourcing and product development sourcing packages (see below for further info) although please note owing to the vast differences in complexity from project to project, the timescales and pricing represent an average and are for reference only. Contact us for an accurate quote based on your project.

However, since every project and every customer is different we take a very flexible approach and we are able to offer customised packages to suit your needs and requirements. For further info on our customised packages don’t hesitate to contact us.

① Basic Sourcing & Engagement Fee

This service package is suitable for customers requiring an off-the-shelf product. With your project brief, our staff will start by looking through our comprehensive database of approved suppliers and also look at alternative options through B2B sourcing sites and Chinese search engines.

With our experience and processes we are confident that by office based research alone, we will find a least 3 suitable and legitimate suppliers for any product that you require. 

This process usually takes around 5-10 days and the cost is $250 - $750 depending on the complexity and difficulty of the product required. 

② SSPP –Supplier Sourcing Process Plan

This service package is suited to more demanding and/or high volume/value projects that require a zero risk supply chain. The selection of a good supplier is absolutely critical to the success or failure of an entire project which may be worth millions of $. It is highly recommended to invest in this process and select the right supplier from the very start in order to save time and money in the future.

The Supplier Sourcing Process Plan (SSPP) will be a comprehensive document detailing each of the stages of the sourcing and validation process. It is likely to include stages such as office based research and supplier verification and also include physical audits of the shortlisted suppliers. The intent is to carefully and objectively select the right supplier for your project by a significant amount of research and due diligence.

This process is very variable depending on the nature and complexity of the project but the SSPP may take between 15-30 days and cost from $1500 to $3000.

③ QPP - Quotation Process Plan

The QPP is a shortened and simpler version of the RTMP (see below) with the main intent to quote the manufactured price of an OEM (custom) product before starting any serious development work. This will require some initial research and meetings within the R&D team and may require some basic drawings and specs (depending on the state of the project received).

The quote will inevitably be an estimate since the drawings and specs are unlikely to be complete however the intent is to be as accurate as possible so that you can decide on the next course of action for your project.

The QPP usually takes around 5 – 7 days and the cost is around $500 to $750 depending on the type and complexity of the project. Note that this figure could be higher if the project requires more detailed design work and specs in order to quote accurately. 

④ RTMP – Route to Market Plan

This is a comprehensive document (15-20 pages) detailing all of the stages required to take your project from its current state to a finished product ready for the market. This may be starting from the concept idea in your mind or it may be picking up the project at a latter stage (ie post prototyping). Every project will be different in nature and at a different stage of development so the RTMP is tailored for your project and will help you to understand the entire process. Each stage of the RTMP will detail the deliverables, the time scale, the person(s) responsible and a cost. Some of the latter stages will be estimates only since it is sometimes impossible to quote accurately until the preceding stages have been completed.

The creation of the RTMP usually takes about 7-10 days and the cost is usually between $750 to $1000 depending on the type and complexity of the project.*

*The cost shown is only to create the RTMP document not for the product development work which, depending on complexity, may run into $10,000's. The RTMP requires a significant amount of research and feedback from various experts within our R&D team.

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