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Product assembly services in China

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Since 2005, C2W has completed 100’s of projects requiring final assembly either at one of the key suppliers or at a 3rd party facility. Sometimes this is by necessity and other times by design since assembling the final product at a 3rd party facility has many advantages including the management of quality control through stringent incoming component inspections and also in the protection of our customers IPR.

The protection of IPR can be critical in the early stages of confidential projects and remains important throughout the life cycle of any product. By ensuring that no supplier in the supply chain controls the purchasing of components and only one supplier (the assembly facility) sees the final product, C2W is able to minimise the risk of information leak and copying.

We have long term trusted relationships with assembly facilities in various fields of manufacturing including integrated electronics, solar technology equipment, hardware and metal assembly, plastics and POP displays. And recently in 2020 we have opened Shield Works Precision Manufacturing our own China-based assembly facility with IP Protection and High Quality Assembly Services in mind.

A brief introduction to Shield Works –
C2W’s own China-based assembly

Shield Works provides customized OEM manufacturing and assembly activities for a western client base within individual IPR protective production zones housed inside the Shield Works facility.

Guided by 15 years of China based manufacturing experience Shield Works focuses on the provision of risk-free manufacturing to internationally recognized quality standards.

Shield Works offers open, transparent and flexible working practices providing clients with all the usual advantages of China supply with the added reassurance and security of a highly controlled customized production environment.

Shield Works fast facts

  • 100% western ownership and daily facility management.
  • Customized manufacturing and assembly solutions.
  • Full IPR protection with secure individual production zones.
  • ISO standard work practices, record keeping and processes.
  • Rapid, clear and transparent communications throughout production.
  • Exclusive 24/7 live video feed client access to production zones.
  • Full in-house quality control to internationally recognized standards.
  • Dual-layer independent QC applied to all production activities by parent company C2W’s highly skilled quality inspectors.
  • 100% flexibility and cooperation to accommodate last minute order or product changes and urgent project requirements.
  • Ability to customize orders and implement design changes on short lead-times.
  • 15 years of China based operational and manufacturing experience.
  • Facility setup in full accordance with PRC laws and regulations for assembly/manufacturing and 100% product exportation.

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