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About Us


China 2 West Services, founded in 2005 by a former Royal Marines Officer, is a western owned and managed manufacturing & supply chain consultancy providing services such as quality control and product development in Asia.

We have helped 1000s of western companies to move their production to China with minimum disruption to their business and helped those already here to improve quality, efficiency and price.

From our foundations as a manufacturing consultancy based in China, the China 2 West brand has grown into a Global Group incorporating regional offices in SE Asia, a sports equipment brand based in California, a consumer electronics brand and a bar/restaurant.

Our History

Company information

China 2 West Services Ltd. was founded on 14th July 2005 in HK, registered number 983262.

The WFOE manufacturing company in Zhuhai, Guangdong, South China was opened on 27th August 2008, registered number 440400400021823.



HK Registered company


Zhuhai registered company


What we do


We offer a range of China based services from manufacturing and vendor management, quality control and quality assurance, design and engineering and prototyping with our in-house machines.

We are flexible in our approach and typically operate within one of the 5 the following structures with regard to our services.

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