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Third Party Logistics(3PL) Services in Las Vegas

Over the last 14 years, China 2 West has helped 100’s of western based companies to move their supply chain to Asia and also helped those already purchasing here to improve quality, efficiency and cost.

Due to popular demand we have recently opened 3PL facilities in both China and the US to provide storage and logistical services which will allow our customers to focus on sales, marketing and innovation.

Our 3PL Services

From our base in Henderson, Nevada C2W (US) offers professional and reliable 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and fulfilment services.

1. Receive and inventory all incoming products

2. Manage full inventory in the US using our professional WMS (Warehouse Management System)

3. Order forecasting to ensure your products never run out of stock

4. Drop-shipments for all orders (pick and pack)

5. Shipments for wholesale orders

6. Fulfillment of FBM (Fulfilled By Merchant) Amazon Orders

7. Restock Amazon warehouses for products shipped FBA(Fulfilled By Amazon)

8. Quality control

9. Consolidation

10. Repackaging

Receive and inventory products using our WMS
Order forecasting
Order forecasting
Dropshipping and wholesale order fulfilment
Dropshipping and wholesale order fulfilment
Amazon FBA and FBM fulfilment
Amazon FBA and FBM fulfilment

Contact us for more information and pricing about our 3PL Services in the US.