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Ethical Policy

The China 2 West group is committed to the development of its staff. We know that the company will only ever be as good as its people.

We will never knowingly use ‘sweat shop’ or child labour.

We accept our environmental responsibility and will act, whenever possible, to address the impact of our activities.

We will always act honestly and with integrity in all our business activities. We expect the same standards from both our customers and suppliers.

We believe that fair prices are the corner stone for strong business relationships and whilst we will always negotiate hard for competitive pricing, we will avoid squeezing the last cent out of our suppliers for two very good reasons;

  • A supplier will not give any priority to an order on which he is only making a small profit.
  • The cheapest prices tend to come from the lowest quality factories: low quality products and high defect rates are unlikely to impress anyone.

Basically, our primary objective here is never to engage in any activity that perpetuates someone else’s poverty.