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FDA Approved PPE Available

In response to significant demand as a result of COVID-19, C2W has decided to source and verify fully certified (FDA & CE) made in China PPE such as disposable face masks, KN95 respirators, protective clothing, face shields, gloves and goggles. With 15 years of China manufacturing experience and a team of over 50 project managers and…

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Know the Common Product Development Techniques

Universally, there are five steps in the development of a new product. The steps remain more or less the same all over the globe. China is no different and the product development in China is similar. The five steps are: Idea The first step in the product development gamut is the idea. This undoubtedly is the…

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Steps to Find Reliable Quality Control Services in China

Finding reliable quality control services in China can be as quick and easy as searching the internet and picking a name out of the hundreds your search engine provides. However, you don’t want to be entrusting such a critical process as Quality Control (QC) to a random company online. You want a company that is…

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How to Get a Product Developed in China?

Get a Product Developed in China

Get a Product Developed in China may seem scary and intimidating, especially for newcomers who are only getting into manufacturing. However, with the right help, you can increase your chances of success in getting your new product to work. Here’s a step by step rundown of the process of product development in China: Polish your…

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Ways to Find Reliable 3PL Companies in China

3PL companies in China

The ecommerce boom has made 3PL companies in China high in demand. A reliable 3PL or third-party logistics partner is tasked to handle your fulfillment tasks. From the storage, selection, and packaging, down to the shipment of your products. 3PL companies in China can do so much more for your business than you may know,…

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How Can I Get A Reliable Quality Control Service Provider in China?

Quality Control Service Provider

There are several realiable quality control service providers in China. The sheer volume of manufacturing activity in the region fuels the demand for quality control and inspection services. As such, finding the right QC provider can be quite an overwhelming feat. Especially for those who are not well versed in the market. Here are some…

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How Do You Find a Reliable Wholesale Supplier?

Reliable Wholesale Supplier

Finding a realiable wholesale supplier in China can be a daunting task, especially for a non-Chinese speaker new to the market. It can be extremely frustrating to know that there are thousands of companies that can help you with your production. And you can’t work with them because of language. Fortunately for modern businesses, there…

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Local VS Chinese Manufacturer for Private Label Business

To get ahead of your competition, you need to make sure that you can bring your product to the market before they do. One of the ways to do that is with private labeling. Going for a private label in China can be a great choice if you already have a business idea, and you need the…

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5 Benefits of High Quality Product Development in China

High Quality Product Development in China

It’s natural for a business to look for cost-effective and high-quality product development services. You may want to rely on companies specializing in high queality product development in China when you cannot get it locally. Asia is usually popular for cheap product development and production. And western companies often benefit from low costs and the…

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