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How we work

We offer a range of China based services from manufacturing and vendor management, quality control and quality assurance as well as design, product development and prototyping.

We are flexible in our approach and typically operate within 1 of the 5 the following structures with regard to our services

① All-In Supply Solutions

C2W acts as the supplier for production through a C2W sourced and verified supplier. C2W offers a closed price for goods inclusive of the full C2W service package.

All contracts, order payments and communications are processed through C2W.

② Overlay Service Plan

C2W overlays the above All-in Supply Solution service package over an existing supplier for an agreed margin % per product. Payments for goods can continue factory direct or be processed through C2W.

Direct factory communications may continue if required and the service package can be stripped back to only cover specific project management elements/tasks or quality checks.

Typical service fees range between 5-15% depending on the service requirements, product complexity, factory location, length of contract and order quantity.

This can include PM related services, facility audits, quality control inspections or quality assurance activities. C2W will undertake specific tasks on a day-by-day basis billing for time and related expenses as they are incurred (all man-days will be approved by you or your team before being undertaken).

The C2W man-day rate for a standard QC engineer or PM is $295 per day (8-10 hours) all-inclusive for activities within the following regions:

③ Standalone Man-Day Services

Guangdong Province

  • Zhuhai HQ
  • Zhongshan
  • Shenzhen
  • Guangzhou
  • Foshan
  • Dongguan

Zhejiang Province

  • Ninghai
  • Jinhua
  • Hangzhou

Jiangsu Province

  • Zhangjiagang
  • Suzhou
  • Nantong


Shandong Province

  • Wendeng
  • Weihai

Factory locations outside of these regions will be subject to direct expense charges billed at cost.

④ Standalone Man-Day Services – Rolling Contract

Services rendered would be as per those outlined in Option 3 but you would commit to a long-term man-day requirement being either a set minimum number of days per month over a 6-12 month period or a block commitment to a set number of man-days.

This would then enable C2W to apply a discount to the standard day-rate charge.

⑤ Full time Operatives in China

This package would involve the specific recruitment and hire of fulltime operative(s) (PM or QC) that would work exclusively for you in China, legally employed, trained and managed through C2W.

Rates for such a service would be dependent on the personnel profile, level of C2W oversight required and would require a long-term commitment to an employment contract per operative (minimum 12 months).

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