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Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company in China

The C2W advantage

One way that many companies are implementing successful warehouse solutions in China is by outsourcing to a global forwarding provider or third party logistics (3PL) company to help them establish, execute, and facilitate their outsourced warehouse solution.

A 2016 3PL study by Capgemini Consulting found that 93% of companies using a 3PL have had a successful relationship. A total of 83% said 3PLs improved their customer service and 70% said 3PLs contributed to reducing overall logistics costs.

Trusted 3PL Company in China

Trust. With 14 years of experience in China, C2W is a company you can trust to keep your IPR confidential and to ensure there is a clear, mutual understanding of processes, goals, and desired outcomes.

Seamless Connectivity for 3PL Services

Seamless connectivity between a C2W managed supply chain and our fulfilment center.

Strong market presence in China for 3PL Services

Strong local market presence in China, including strategic office locations in key manufacturing regions, local onsite employees.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Options

Large, global network of logistics options, including freight services and outsource solutions.


Flexible warehouse solutions in China and in the USSee C2W US 3PL


Cutting-edge technology through our WMS and EDI systems to provide full visibility, electronic connectivity, supply chain analysis and reporting tools, ROI measurement, and process improvement.


Thorough understanding of China’s customs regulations, laws, language, and business culture.


Local resources are invaluable because they can identify and develop solutions within the local market, solve potential supply chain problems, and help companies manage their global operations with ease.


Western owned and managed to ensure a high level of communication and to ensure western standards of service and ethics are applied at all times.

Our 3PL Services in China

From our base in Zhuhai, Guangdong C2W offers professional and reliable 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and fulfilment services

1. Receive and inventory all incoming products

2. Container loading and unloading

3. Manage full inventory in China using our professional WMS (Warehouse Management System)

4. Drop-shipments (pick and pack)

5. Sea freight

6. Air freight

7. Quality control

8. Consolidation

9. Repackaging

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