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China Manufacturing Company

China had become the great manufacturing hub since from few years. Many countries are approaching the China for their product manufacturing. Many companies are going with the outsourcing manufacturing services with China. China has the best and efficient manufacturing industries with both Original equipment manufacturing industries as well as with the Original design manufacturing industries for the companies. Many companies like China2west offers the best manufacturing services for the customers approached.


Choosing China2West for manufacturing is a good step

China2west has good supply chain and had great relations between the buyers and the suppliers. The company provides better support involving the quality and overseas manufacturing issues by its product inspection services. It helps you 9in various inspection on product, auditing on Factory along with the lab testing. Its control over the quality can helps you to reach your expected product from the manufacturing.


Inspecting the products

To obtain a better quality products from the manufacturing process. It is must to conduct the product inspections in order to prevent the loss and to maintain the good relationship with your customers. Because a defective product can ruin the name of the company which ca stamps for a long time in customers minds. So, it is very much required to go with the inspection services.

The well trained auditors take the finished sample and inspect according to the standards to reach the expectations of the clients. Some of the services are Function Testing, Measurements check, Bar code checking and the complete evaluation of the packaging. This helps the customers to avoid complaints in the merchandise shipments and also helps in ensuring better quality and reduces the delays in shipment and production.

Factory auditing services

The suppliers are generally making some claims about the equipment and the product capacity along with the internal quality control procedures to get succeed in business. The factory auditing services help the customers to select the supplier basing on the capabilities for your product. A detailed report can be given to the customer about the review which included with the production related images.

Some factory auditing services are

  • Credit checking
  • Verification of the Chinese supplier
  • Evaluation of the Factory audits
  • Manufacturing practices audits
  • Audits related to the social compliance along with the training and consulting