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China Pre-shipment Inspection Agency

The inspection procedures are very important in the manufacturing outsourcing with the companies and especially while importing the revenues and the products from the other countries. So, in order to minimize the legal related and quality related issues, pre-shipment inspection plays a vital role. Many companies like China2west offer the pre-shipment inspection services within your budgets and order placement. Many importers usually face various problems in importing the materials or goods from other countries due to lack of good inspection on their goods. So, this inspection services provide them a better way to avoid the bulk loss.

Pre-shipment Inspection Services

  • Inspection of goods regarding quality
  • Inspection of goods depending upon the quantity and number checking
  • Inspection of goods basing on the classification of Tarrif and importing eligibility
  • Custom related issues handling etc.

The Pre-shipment inspection is also called as final random inspection. That means, your good are ready to get packed to ship. So, it is very important to check and inspect the quality and the quantity of the goods before shipping to avoid bulk loss. The companies like China2West carry personal checking in the factory and analyze the size, measurement and functioning and also performs some safety tests and checks the concern shipping files.

Advantages of Pre-shipment Inspection

Preshipment inspection helps you to avoid the risks in importing of your manufactured products from the countries like China. It also helps in development of the sourcing efficiency. It is time and money saving procedure which is trustful and secured.