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China Quality Control and Assurance Trends

With the majority of the world’s products being manufactured and built in China, the world is slowly inching towards making it big on china’s market. Anything and everything, right from a pin to a plane are now becoming a hallmark of China as they delve deep into the manufacturing standards of the world. Also, with the world depending on it’s incredibly dedicated man power and yet humble living, China has in fact grown from a heavily populated nation to a nation where dreams are made a reality. But how does one depend on a nation where the only way information about it is propagated is through word-of-mouth? One would definitely want to test the waters before committing to something big and losing in the end. That’s where Quality Control plays a major role in distinguishing a good investment from a great investment.

Coming to quality control, it is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production. Quality control emphasizes testing of products to uncover defects and reporting to management who make the decision to allow or deny product release, whereas quality assurance attempts to improve and stabilize production (and associated processes) to avoid, or at least minimize, issues which led to the defect(s) in the first place. Here are some trends that are being followed by manufacturers in China to help improve the quality standards of China.

  • Fixing the root problem : Teaching your key suppliers how to approach and resolve issues will help avoid expensive problems. They can then use this input for continuous improvement, assuming their company supports that goal.
  • Certification and testing costs : Many large buyers have long forced their suppliers to pay for certifications. But in reality, they end up paying for it anyway. Smart suppliers have negotiated the freedom to choose among authorized laboratories and have managed to compress testing costs this way.
  • Stricter regulations and enforcement : Expect traceability of tests performed at the level of each batch to become more important also. Controls on importers by Customs officers will also increase in frequency.