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China’s Quality Control Inspection Services

Quality control is defined as the process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in the production of manufacturing goods, as defined by Wikipedia. ISO 9000 defines quality control as “A part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements. In recent years, quality has emerged as a formal management function, with the quality concepts and practices evolving from a reactive and inspection-oriented approach to a more proactive and strategy-oriented approach for quality management. Firms tend to develop their own quality management systems based on many factors, including their business strategies, external requirements, and internal operating environments. It is no surprise that quality practices vary greatly from one firm to another even within the same industry. When the many marvellous achievements of ancient China are considered, ranging from architecture, literature, and innovative products, to scientific instruments, it is evident that, throughout the nation’s long history and civilization, high quality has been important.

Our operations team compiles all of your unique specifications to prepare one important document for our inspector: the inspection protocol. High quality pictures are included next to all comments and results to support and illustrate our findings. Our professional inspectors are well trained with relevant expertise in your product category in order to provide you with the most reliable results. We care about the quality of your products! Pre-results are released within a few hours of the inspection and detailed reports are sent during the next business day. We can also do same day reporting by request. Save time, money, and avoid headaches. An audit confirms that your factory is legitimate before placing an order. An inspection ensures that what you ordered is what you receive. Choose us for your quality check tasks and you will be smiling at the end of it all.