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Container Loading Inspections in China


The purpose of the Container Loading inspection is to oversee the careful loading of your goods. With all the time, effort and money that has been spent to get to this point, it is critical to ensure your goods are going to arrive in pristine condition. During the inspection not only are goods and container checks undertaken, vehicle checks and driver documentation checks are also carried out.

All C2W inspectors are experienced in this most critical of task and are immune to the myriad of 'hurrying tactics' encountered when a factory is awaiting a final payment for the release of goods. Where ever possible, we arrange so that the C2W inspector is in a position to authorise the release of funds either by direct communication with the client or be a client placing funds to allow the speedy release of goods that are fit for transit.

A report with supporting photographic and documentary evidence will be passed to clients within 24 hours of CLI completion.

Many things are liable to go wrong during the period when the shipment is being loaded in a container or even during transport. The best way to avoid such a problem is by sending over a technician who will carry out a container loading inspection. If there are urgent shipments, it is usually done in combination with a final indiscriminate inspection.
The container loading inspection is usually not made use of much as the final inspection. However, there are many importers who reserve it for the most sensitive shipments.

Aim of Container Loading Inspection

  • For conforming about what id loaded in the container.
  • The quantity of the products, list of the packaging, container condition and the loading process.
  • Making sure that your vendors won’t exchange your products.

What all is checked at the time of the loading of container(s)?

The outer packing of the packets: Having a quick and cautious glance at the condition of the cartons which are to be exported is a must. It can be that the cartons can be very soft because of the wet weather and they may be already crushed or bulged. It can also be likely that they or not properly closed. It is because of all of these reasons that these packets are all red flags for the buyer.

Product conformity: It is up to the inspector to arrive a little in advance so that he will be able to open some cartons and check to see if the products and the inner packing are in conformity with the buyer’s expectations.

On availing of a container inspection, you will be entitled to the following services

  • Get the actual situation of your loading.
  • Keep your eyes open and also put a pressure on your forwarder as well as your supplier.
  • Ask for compensation to your forwarder in case of damaged goods.

In case if you get any damaged products for your delivery, you have to waste lot of time and money to fight against your vendor. It is better to go for a Loading inspection in China to save your time and money.

A Guide on Container Loading Inspection

If you wish to know as to what types of measures are being taken by the inspector who will be conducting a repository loading inspection then you have landed on the right page. We will tell you all that you need to know about container loading inspection in China.

It can be possible that you may have to face lot of issues when you import goods from a foreign country. To help you out of this trouble, you will first have to find a reliable manufacturing company who will be able to meet the requirements of your business. If you are dealing with a country like China then making a business with the local Chinese market becomes very difficult due to language barriers, difference in marketing strategies amongst other. You will also need to have a representative in China who will be able to negotiate with the dealer on your behalf.

When you have finalized the deal with the manufacturing, you will have to look after the shipment phase. The reason is that in this phase many things can go wrong. Therefore it becomes necessary for you to conduct container loading inspection while the shipment is being loaded in the container. That is why you will have to take the help of your representative in China. It will be this representative who will be conducting the necessary stringent inspections in order to ensure that the products which are being shipped are in good condition. If you have sensitive shipments then that representative can also undertake a random inspection. In this way he will be in a position to make sure that the shipment’s quality is being maintained when your goods are transported.

The Container Loading Inspection: Its Aims

  • You will be in a position to know as to what is exactly being loaded into your container.
  • You will also be in a position to ascertain as to what the exact quantity is.
  • It will also be possible for you to be sure that the factory is not going to replace your goods.

This sort of an inspection will cover the quantity check, packing list check, container conditions, process of loading as well as a random inspection on randomly selected sampling size so as to check the workmanship and packing of your products.

What is the need for this inspection?

With the container loading inspection, you will be assured of the fact that your goods are not laden wrongly in a humid repository with broken products and broken cartons.

Benefits of the inspection

  • You will be sure as to what has been loaded in your container
  • You will be able to undertake an ultimate check on the packing, products, etc.
  • It will also be possible for you to maintain a sort of a force on your vendor shoulders.
  • In a way you will also be saving time!

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