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Defect Sorting Services in China

It's the nightmare scenario; your Quality Control regime has highlighted a serious problem. What do you do next.

Should the worst happen and you find yourself with a batch of product that has an unacceptably high defect rate, you can call on China 2 West to step in and help you to recover.

We will work with you and your suppliers to identify and understand the nature and severity of the defect or non-conformity. Should you require this service, we will undertake an initial assessment of the problem and a detailed recovery plan will be issued prior to work commencing. You will then be able to assess the likely financial and time impact on your business of the recovery process.

A key part of the recovery plan will be to identify the cause of the problem so that long term action can be put in place to ensure there is no repeat.

If it is cost effective, China 2 West will then organise a fully supervised defect sorting service. This can range from removal and replacement of a defective part to dismantling a product, sorting into acceptable sub-assemblies and re-building.

This process can be carried out at your supplier's premises, however, if you prefer, all product can be taken to our own facility for sorting by China 2 West staff.

Defect sorting services has turned into a mandate, especially in China. This service is carried out for sorting as plenty of defective goods as possible based on known issues, namely packing imperfections, function problems or specific cosmetic defects at the time of the man-days allocated. No other checks are practiced during this inspection. This process works wonders in helping one to sort out defective items from the best ones. It is also a wonderful way for one in checking if their factory has reworked every product as has been requested and verify the percentage of flaws affecting their shipment.

Aim of Defect Sorting Services

  • For checking the products with any kind of defects.
  • Making sure that the defect products are reworked and manufactured again.
  • Rechecking whether the products are reworked or not and making sure that the products for shipment are free from defects.

The defect sorting services practiced in China

As this is the sole way of verifying if the company has reworked the products correctly and has also sorted out every previously spotted defective piece, the defect sorting services in China are gaining momentum. During the inspection, the quality control inspector opens up many cartons possible within the stipulated working time for checking unqualified items on the defective list as well as the new defective. The defect inspection is carefully visualized and is an efficient technique for helping one to save both money and time on their imports.

Defect sorting services in China and its variegated benefits

The defect sorting services in China offer manifold benefits namely;

  • Verifies defective items
  • Saves time and secures one’s business
  • Aware of the real amount of defects that is still affecting one’s products
  • Shows clients that they care
  • Are familiar with the seriousness when it comes to quality issues
  • Keeps pressure on one’s vendors' shoulders
  • Refuse defective shipments
  • Avoid unexpected delays and costs
  • Bargains with one’s vendor with respect to quality issues

Leading companies offering defect sorting services in China work hand in hand with one and their suppliers for identifying and understanding the severity and nature of both the defect and the non-conformity.

Starting from $295

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