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Factory Audit in China

If you are importing the products by paying for the production without any auditing of the factory and later you may realize that the products that you had imported from the country are not sold in your country. Then it may costs your breathe and you will fell in severe confusion and can’t get back the time and money.

So, in order to check all these before you took the products from other countries, it is important to make a factory audit which helps the suppliers to get sure about the capability and the reliability of the products along with this quality checking is also a part of it which is very essential for the importer especially in large scale importing. So, the question is where to perform and by whom the factory audits can be performed. The answer is a reputed service providers like Chine2west services.

The service providers offer various types of factory audits which are very much essential and required in order to prevent the heavy loss in business. There are several types of factory audits which you can choose according to your budgets. Here are some types which you can choose from

  • The quality and the technical audit, it provides the elaborate evaluation of the reliability and the capability of the manufacturer at various verticals which is a standard audit.
  • The audit based on the social compliance, it targets the compliance socially on various issues which was provided with a checklist which is very useful.
  • The initial factory audits has evaluated which is similar and get relevant to the other factories at small size in which it is good for the budget of the buyers.