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FDA Approved PPE Available

In response to significant demand as a result of COVID-19, C2W has decided to source and verify fully certified (FDA & CE) made in China PPE such as disposable face masks, KN95 respirators, protective clothing, face shields, gloves and goggles.

With 15 years of China manufacturing experience and a team of over 50 project managers and engineers, China 2 West has the infrastructure and knowledge to ensure that all medical products are supplied by approved manufacturers to required national standards. This eliminates the risk of bulk shipments being impounded by customs at port of entry.

The C2W Logistics Department is here to ensure your supply gets to where it needs to be with zero unnecessary delays. Our Planning & Ops coordinators are highly experienced and knowledgeable in customs regulations in China and all major overseas markets including the USA and the EU, especially in those related to PPE such as face masks.

The close relationships we have with customs agents and brokers built over 15 years of supply chain management in China means we always stay on top of the ever-changing customs rules. Nothing catches us by surprise.

We can charter entire cargo planes, converted passenger planes and organize regular air freight and sea freight.

This past May 7th C2W chartered an entire 747 cargo plane carrying over 11 million masks to the US.

Contact us for more information on the PPE available, certifications, MOQs and pricing.