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Internship in China- Zain Ali Khan




Key information at a glance:


Name: Zain Ali Khan


Country of origin: India


Internship Position: Product Design


Internship Duration: 6 months



Who I am:

I’m Zain Ali Khan, I’m 22 years old and formerly from Mumbai – India. I’m a design graduate from Raffles University, Singapore. I love to travel and play sports and video games.

My passion is to design and China gave me a boost to enhance my skills.


What I learned during my internship:

I had a 6 months internship in 2014 as Product Designer at China 2 West. The company is specialized in Design Consultancy and Product Manufacturing, in which I have undertaken a wide range of tasks right from Product design, Product manufacturing, Project management, Sourcing, Graphics, Logo, Packaging design, Quality control; delivering high end quality goods to western markets.


What makes China 2 West special for me:

C2W has the most friendly and helpful staff, they are my teachers and friends at the same time. After my internship, C2W offered me a job as a product designer.


Why Zhuhai’s a great spot:

Zhuhai has really nice place to hang out and since its small city, people are like family to each other. Locals are very joyful and helpful, although language is a barrier between us and them but they still help us with the things we need.
I feel Zhuhai is the best city to live in China as it is very beautiful city and also connected to big country such as Hong Kong and Macau. Zhuhai is full of green wide-open spaces and parks. The roads are wide and less oppressive than Shenzhen giving a very different feel. The air is clean and its long beach front, lined with palm trees and cycling track, It is a popular Chinese tourist destination.


Favorite Quote:

“C2W has the most friendly and helpful staff, they are my teachers and friends at the same time.”