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In addition to all of our Core Services we offer a range of other services in China including:

POP Display & POS Display – Point of Purchase & Point of Sale displays have become somewhat of an expertise of ours at C2W. We are heavily experienced in the design and production of POP & POS displays in China, for many years we have worked with large brands such as Footjoy and Glenmorangie.

Export Tooling – A growing trend due to the huge cost savings of production your tools or molds in China and shipping them to your facility abroad, this is another strength of C2W.

Laboratory Testing – Testing of any product, raw material or other part is a necessary requirement in providing Quality Assurance to clients and ensuring the safety of the end users. C2W can arrange for appropriate tests to be performed on a wide range of materials and products in our local partners’ labs.

Using internationally approved methods, standards, equipment and guidelines, C2W arranges for the testing of consumer products, commercial products, commodities, and raw materials for compliance and suitability against regulatory requirements so that every client can be sure the product being manufactured is safe and fit for purpose and sale.

We only use worldwide accredited and authorized laboratories for testing and all originals of certificates and reports can and will be sent to clients upon request.

Business Setup Services – C2W recommends Zhuhai city as the perfect place for western companies to set up a facility. Zhuhai is privileged as one of the only 5 SEZ (Special Economic Zones) in China and also has a special FTZ (Free Trade Zone) custom bonded industrial zone. The perfect location for your company depends on the products you wish to manufacture.

Zhuhai also benefits from a location inside the Pearl River Delta, China’s largest manufacturing and industrial powerhouse. This means that virtually every sub-contractor you would ever need is likely to be within 1-2 hours drive of your own facility.

As a new city, the infrastructure in Zhuhai is excellent, with its own deep water port, airport and all the usual benefits of a large city.

Finally, Zhuhai is recognised as one of the cleanest and nicest cities in China meaning that staff recruitment and retention (both Chinese & Western) is never a problem. Furthermore, management staff and families are well served by first class accommodation and entertainment facilities.

C2W can help you through the whole process including location finding, site assessment, recruitment and all the necessary paperwork with the various government departments.

Contact us for full details of the process and how we are able to help your company grab a unique opportunity.

Global Logistics – Over the years we’ve become quite experienced in delivering our clients’ goods all around the world. We also work with local partners in your country and city to ensure a smooth facilitation and transaction of the goods from factory to your door.

Warehousing – We have our own warehouse in Zhuhai, Guangdong, South China that we regularly assist clients in temporary storage of their goods for a small fee. If you would like longer term or larger storage facilities we are more than happy to look into this for you, with our local business licenses we can sign on a lease agreement for you providing that local level of security on the contract and for the property contents insurance of your goods.

Partnership Opportunities – The directors’ are constantly on the lookout for the next great idea. We’re entrepreneurs at heart and business men in our heads this makes us very interested in everything and very savvy at choosing the right ones. If you have an idea that you would like to partner with us in China or abroad please get in touch and pitch us your idea, we’ll be more than happy to hear it.