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Product Development in China

China has long been known for its mammoth population that remains to be the highest till date.  Once can only but comprehend what this taskforce can achieve if they’re properly trained and guided towards technological innovations.  China is no dumb nation to produce people after people without having them extremely efficient at what they do.  The work culture, the people-friendliness and the passion that they possess is second to none and is definitely incomparable.

Product Development is a complex process that requires a concerted effort of managing a project through the various stages of development. Asia is more often associated with inexpensive production than with Product Development. It however makes more sense to not only manufacture in Asia but also design and development your electronic product here; as a result, you benefit from cost effective Asian electronic components that can be utilized in your device to help lower your unit cost. But to do that, you need engineers adept at designing with ICs and modules made in Taiwan or China. And that is where we excel.

China 2 West offers Product Development services in China that include, Industrial Design, Electronic/Electrical Product Development and Technical Design Evaluation. These services are offered through by way of our in-house development department and engineering team.

Other services offered include Graphic Design, Logo and Packaging Development as well as Layout Design for catalogues, literature or websites.

While design and ergonomics are instrumental to making a product marketable, they alone do not guarantee success. Careful consideration of production in the initial stage is crucial in product design as a sizeable percentage of the product’s lifecycle cost is committed at this time (cost of materials, production of parts, and assembly).

We pride ourselves on the ability to take virtually any idea at any stage in its development, from concept to technical evaluation and providing the client a fully developed design regardless of its purpose while doing so at a fraction of the cost our western based rivals can offer.

Our team of experienced and multi-national designers and engineers can provide you with developed designs, product solutions, technical drawings and mold designs on a consultancy basis where you maintains full rights and ownership of the design and all information is subject to strict confidentiality agreements that cover not just China 2 West but also future potential manufacturers of the product after its development.

Our electronic Product Development and electronic design services are firmly rooted in our experience in electronics manufacturing. Collaboration between our designers, engineers, and manufacturing specialists allows us to consider the effects the design will have during manufacturing phase at a very early stages. As a result, you benefit from a product that is designed for successful mass production from the outset and take advantage of cost reduction, reduced risks, and a shorter time-to-market.

We have experience in designing plastic, rubber, textile, metal, electrical, electronic and wooden products as well as expertise in LED lighting and GPS tracking, showing a breadth of experience within the world’s manufacturing hub that is hard to challenge.

If you have a great idea and some financial backing, contact us for some advice, a quotation and a possible feasibility study. China 2 West’s product development services, innovating ideas.