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Supplier & Product Sourcing

Sourcing from the Far East can be a risky business. Finding a reliable supplier is the first problem, with only a website to look at, it is impossible to know if you are dealing with a state of the art factory or a back street sweat shop.

Our sourcing team will select and assess the most suitable supplier to meet your needs. We ensure your requirements are understood and weed out the unsuitable or incapable. We will then monitor and inspect to ensure that the quality of production items actually matches samples!

When you use C2W, you will have your own experienced team in China, who will oversee your order and ensure you avoid the common pitfalls of low quality goods, poor communication and unexplained delivery delays.

We understand the QPS equation – Quality, Price, Speed

From experience we know that without ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground you will be doing very well to achieve two variables in the QPS mix. We are here to ensure all three are met first time.

We have a database of established suppliers we know to be reliable and will use the information you provide to find which company best suits the criteria you have set. Within a short space of time we are usually able to tell you the ability of suppliers to meet your needs and will send photos and samples for your evaluation.

Once samples have been approved we are able to arrange production and ensure quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Our ability to provide a constant presence on the ground provides an incentive to the manufacturer that is impossible to achieve from your home-base.

If you would like to completely run the manufacturing management in China yourself, that we don’t recommend, but need a facility, we can assist in finding and verifying a list of potential supply sources for you. For this and other tailored solutions please get in touch.