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What Should Your Quality Control Services in China Include?

Of late, the US and European countries find it easier to get things manufactured in China. This got augmented by cheap and skilled labor, low production cost, and availability of the latest technology. But at the same time, the US and European suppliers should also ensure quality control services in China i.e. they should hire their services to ensure that they get only quality products and at any point of production there is no compromise on the quality. When you hire the services of this quality control, they will help you in identifying the manufacturer for the production of your goods. In case, you have found the manufacturer on your own then the quality control services in China will help in carrying out the quality control services at various points and will ensure that you get the right product. There are three steps followed by the quality control services and they are Pre-production inspections, In Process QC inspections and Container loading inspections. Let’s see about them in detail.

  1. Pre-production Inspections: This is done prior to placing an order with the new manufacturer as it is imperative to ensure that the manufacturer has adequate production capability, staff training, machinery, on job supervision, working conditions, management systems, and in-house quality control practices and processes. The pictures are not enough to ensure the functionality of a manufacturer. Some of the pre-production services included are:
  • Factory audits & verification
  • Social audits
  • Pre-production inspection
  1. In-Process QC Inspections:

It is not enough that you understand the manufacturer and his machinery and technology that he uses. The actual point is the quality of the output while it was in the processing stage itself. It becomes important to specify the standards clearly right from the beginning and the IPQC will know on reaching the critical point and will stop the production and carry out the corrections. These services can be classified as:

  • First article inspection
  • In-Production quality control
  • Defect sorting services
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  1. Container Loading Inspections: The main aim of this inspection is to ensure the careful loading of the goods. The manufacturer has spent all the time, money and effort to achieve the desired products and it is important that it gets to the supplier in the pristine condition. At the time of inspection, goods check, container checks, vehicle checks, driver documentation checks, etc. are carried out. Mostly these factories will be in a hurry to get their final payment and will do all the process in a hurry. The quality control inspectors will know these tactics well and will ensure that the goods are up to the mark and then only authorize for the release of payment.

Thus, quality control services in China will carry out step-by-step checks in the entire process and will ensure that the quality of the products are not compromised and all these they will do it for a nominal cost.