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Apply These 7 Secret Techniques to Improve Quality Control Inspection Services

One of the critical aspects of the manufacturing process is quality management. In other words, it means the difference between disappointing your customers with poor-quality and potentially dangerous goods and providing high-quality and safe products to satisfy consumers. However, it is not always easy to do, especially when you have outsourced manufacturing to China. In that case, here are seven techniques you can apply to improve the quality control inspection services:

Get to know the COQ model

Actually, the principle of many quality management programs is based on the Cost of Quality. It means that the cost is always related to quality, but investments to increase the quality can be highly productive when introduced earlier. For instance, it makes sense to fix a problem while the product is still being designed to save costs rather than fix it after manufacturing.  

Know your acceptable quality level

AQL is a quality management’s foundational tool that defines the minimum level of quality you can accept in the product. Moreover, it determines whether a particular batch fails or passes the quality inspection.

Pick the right quality management method

There are different methods used by quality control inspection services with pros and cons, depending on your needs. These include the Six-Sigma, PDSA Model, FADE model, and Total Quality Management.

Know the best practices

You could improve quality control inspections by familiarizing yourself with quality assurance best practices. Identify your quality goals and share them with the quality control service provider representing you in China.

Embrace new technologies

Consider applications that can improve your quality management process in terms of data collection, customer feedback, and the manufacturing process’s monitoring. 

Keep your team involved

In addition, have your quality control teamwork with the quality control inspection services to maximize their efficiency.

Remain proactive

Maintain constant communication with the quality control team overseas. In this case, you can easily take action on certain problems that need immediate solutions.