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Everything You Need to Know About China Wholesale Distributors

Working with wholesalers could help you save a lot of time and money in getting specific products to the market. The more you can enjoy those perks when you choose one of the top China wholesale distributors. However, specific challenges can come with buying goods wholesale from China, especially when you are based in a western country. You need to be discerning with which company to trust and make sure that they can help you get the best value for your money in the long run. Here are some of the things you must know about wholesale distributors from China:

The reputation

Go over the selection of China wholesale distributors that are highly recommended by other western businesse. And then try to narrow them down to the most reputable ones. You want to make sure that they are reliable and can deliver high-quality goods on time. If you end up with low-quality products, you are responsible for answering to your customer, not them.

They offer MOQs

Minimum order quantity pertains to the minimum amount of goods you can order from the wholesale distributor. Many wholesalers in China offer low MOQ, where you can order at least 1,000 units, for example. Be sure to check with the company before you commit to working with them. And be sure that they offer a reasonable cost for the number of products you can order at a time.

Export license

Make sure that the China wholesale distributors possess a legitimate and active export license, which allows them to export and sell to foreign customers.

The quality of the products

Not all wholesale products will be compliant with overseas product regulations. So be sure to do your homework, look up feedback, and make sure that you are importing high-quality goods that can satisfy your customers and local regulations.

You can have someone check on them

There are China-based companies that can support your search. They offer vendor management, manufacturing, quality control, and quality assurance, and they can look into specific China wholesale distributors on your behalf. That way, you do not have to come over personally. Ensure they are fully accredited with well-known institutions, such as AmCham South China, the European Chamber of Commerce in China, CBBC, and the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong.