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Understand Promotional Products Industry in China

Promotional products are the products that corporate houses use as a means to carry out promotional campaigns. Not only does this involve working with your business to plan the right gifting concept but also have them branded with your company logo for the best results. The arts & craft industry in China is a thriving industry with a good amount of work for foreign buyers. When you focus on finding the right promotional products services in China, ensure that the company helps you from conceptualization to sampling to finally manufacturing and then shipping out the products. However, it is advisable that instead of directly interacting and firming up with the manufacturer, you approach a reliable trading company or a sourcing agent to act as your consultant and help in the manufacture of customized promotional products in China.

They will:

  1. Help you with the search and development of customized promotional ideas and gifting concepts.
  2. They will source from various manufacturers product samples based on the initial discussions and ideas shared.
  3. They will research on the ground and take quotations from the respective manufacturers and share the same with you.
  4. From artwork to designing to the best logos to virtual proofs, the entire process will be handled by the intermediary.
  5. Then the process of sampling preparation to testing of physical samples being sent to you.
  6. They will conduct the factory audit of the new factory. They are also responsible to ensure quality checks and regularly undertake inspections during the production and shipping process. In short, they will ensure everything is in order.
  7. Finally, they work with qualified shipping agents and forwarders to ship across the consignment to your location. They will have all the official documents prepared and readied so that there are no issues midway and during transit.

All this will be done ensuring that the entire process is done at the best rates that are as per your budget and reasonable for your business.

Promotional products from China specialize in different types of goods and services. That could range from bags, key chains, lapel pins, electronic products, kitchen accessories, stationary products, toys, etc. They will offer the buyers an exclusive range to choose from.