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How You Can Find Good 3PL Companies in USA

Experienced and successful retailers and organizations know the importance of working with the right 3PL. A third-party logistics provider can handle a wide variety of needs, from overseeing the supply chain to freight accounting and quality control. But with many 3PL companies available, how do you know which one is for you? Here are some tips to help you narrow down your search to the best service provider:

Do your homework

A quick search online should reveal the best 3PL companies in the USA. However, you should review each of the top suggestions and choose service providers specializing in your particular industry. Find out where they’re located and how long they have been in service. The most established ones have been in business for more than a decade. Because they have been working with western companies looking to move their supply chain to Asian for a long time.

Know what they do

Apart from helping western companies with their supply chain, a good 3PL service provider should be able to help Asia-based companies improve their purchasing and logistics processes. Make sure they can add value to your business by enhancing costs, efficiency, and quality. Reputable service providers provide logistical and storage services to allow their customers to focus on innovation, marketing, and sales instead of worrying about logistics.

Go over their service offerings 

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A good 3PL company in the USA should handle relevant logistics and fulfillment services from their US base. They should provide receiving and inventory of incoming products, management of the full inventory using their warehouse management system, order forecasting, shipments and drop-shipments, repackaging, consolidation, and quality control. Some service providers are also capable of fulfilling FBM (fulfilled by the merchant) orders from Amazon and restocking Amazon warehouses for shipped FBA products.

Get in touch

Contact the provider of 3PL in the USA, so you can tell them your needs and propose an effective solution.