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Ways to Find Reliable 3PL Companies in China

The ecommerce boom has made 3PL companies in China high in demand. A reliable 3PL or third-party logistics partner is tasked to handle your fulfillment tasks. From the storage, selection, and packaging, down to the shipment of your products. 3PL companies in China can do so much more for your business than you may know, making them valuable partners. In addition to the above fulfillment tasks, 3PL providers can likewise provide other different services. For example, warehousing, labeling, shipment receipt/management, product inspections, mail handling, and even product photography staging. 

Finding 3PL companies in China can be challenging mainly because of the sheer number of logistics operators in the market. Many businesses don’t realize that 3PL outsourcing has been around forever—long before ecommerce grew in popularity and scope. The demand created by ecommerce, however, does attract so much more competition. This is why it is important to have a solid vetting process when looking for a third-party logistics partner.

They’re not always online

The thing about 3PL companies in China is that most of them are old-school. Many of these providers are very traditional and do not have websites to help businesses find them. Those that do take their services online often have poorly designed sites that don’t necessarily reflect the quality of their service. 

You need a consultant 

A good way to find a reliable logistics partner is to consult with supply chain management and control service providers, specializing in all-inclusive solutions for businesses looking to import from China. These companies offer great expertise coupled with widespread networks and deep connections with third party providers and trusted companies in the region. They offer the advantage of knowledge and experience in dealing with logistics partners, quality control service providers, and supply chain management services to make things more convenient.