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How to Get a Product Developed in China?

Get a Product Developed in China may seem scary and intimidating, especially for newcomers who are only getting into manufacturing. However, with the right help, you can increase your chances of success in getting your new product to work. Here’s a step by step rundown of the process of product development in China:

Polish your idea for a new product.

There are two major categories of new product ideas that your innovation might fall under. These are entirely new innovations (or non-existent products you wish to introduce into the market) and product enhancements (or improvements on existing products to make them more useful).

Prepare a prototype of your design or a design file for your product.

This is ideal, so you can show potential suppliers how serious you are about the project. It’s best to have a ready 3D design. If you don’t have in-house skills, find a product development company to help you create a design file or an actual prototype of the product.

Find a suitable manufacturer or supplier.

Prepare a non-disclosure agreement to protect your idea. And then find a trading company or sourcing agent or perhaps a factory to help you finish the production. 

When seeking a company for product development in China, it is important to look into aspects such as sample quality, pricing, minimum order quantity, estimated time to market, refund policies, quality authentication, qualifications and certifications, and ability to communicate. A good product developer and manufacturer must take time to understand your needs and your product’s unique requirements. The best ones are willing to help you improve upon your design to create a better and more marketable product instead of simply pushing you to increase the volume of your order.