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What Makes China Largest Seller of Manufacturing Goods?

Fondly referred to as ‘The Factory Asia’, China is indeed the world’s leading manufacturer of goods and exporter too. Not only does the country lead in the manufacture and production of goods and products for domestic consumption, but it also tops the charts in selling most of its manufactured goods to other countries.

There are Four Advantages of China Manufacturingbehind the demand for Chinese manufacturer companies in the international market.

Manufacturing Industry Specialist

China manufacturing industry specializes in the production of multiple industrial and consumable products. China has a ‘Made in China 2025’ program under which industries like hi-tech electrical machinery, garment production, automotive parts, furniture and lighting, accessories like handbags and wallets are covered and being boosted for increased production. From electronic goods to shoes to air-conditioners, there is nothing that China does not make and export.

Cheap Labor

Availability of cheap labor is another reason why China manufacturing is world’s number one. China is one of the most populated countries of the world. It is easy to get qualified and trained professionals at lower wages than employees with equivalent knowledge in Western country. This is because of the large talent pool available in the country due to its high population. In the last couple of years, the wages have seen distinct rise. It is a good news. Because it implies that more and more professionally proficient workers can can finish their work efficiently.

Low Manufacturing Costs

Lower cost of production is also a reason why China is a preferred manufacturing hub by the international buyer market. Lower wages and shipping costs, easy availability of raw materials and the presence of huge number of manufacturing units in the country keep the production costs to reasonable levels.

Higher Production Capabilities

Chinese manufacturing companies have comparatively much higher production capabilities as compared to Western countries. These manufacturers usually demand higher minimum order quantities that help keep their production costs to minimum levels. Higher MOQs also help in keeping the per unit pricing of the products low – so the buyer too benefits from higher order quantities.

The growth of industry-specific zones in China, for example, Shenzhen is an electronics hub, has also helped in enhancing the production capabilities of the country.